About Niagara Adventure Camp

Our summer outdoor camp program offers boys the chance to simply get back to basics and enjoy the fun associated with simply being outside. Our sports and activities are designed to promote team spirit and encourage personal growth, all under the watchful eyes of our highly experienced staff.


Healthy Meals

Each day will start with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, prepared by our resident chefs. Campers will throughout the day have the opportunity to take part in up to four different activities with ample time allocated for a hearty lunch and a bit of relaxation. At the end of the day, all boys come together to share their evening meal and exchange stories about their day’s adventures!

Camp Mission

Provide a safe and fair learning environment where boys are encouraged to undertake a variety of unique and challenging activities in order to promote team spirit, personal growth and sportsmanship whilst having fun!

Who are we?

The Niagara Adventure Camp is a new and exciting extension of the Robert Land Academy. Combining years of experience of mature and highly trained staff and the excellent facilities offered by the Academy, we feel the Niagara Adventure Camp is well placed to meet all the needs of our campers and offer an unforgettable summer experience. 

Code of Conduct

The staff are looking forward to providing all our campers with a fun, memorable, and safe summer camp experience. Each camper has a responsibility to act in a way that assures a positive experience for all. All campers are required to follow these guidelines.

Read the code of conduct here

A Summer Camp Day In The Life…..

Our focus at the Niagara Adventure Camp is for our campers to be outside as much as possible. As such our range of activities and sports are tailored to ensure this. No two days are the same, so telling you about a typical day at camp is difficult! Commensurate with their age, experience and confidence, we will ensure our campers get the best experience possible. A day in camp could look like:


First bell – For those campers that are early birds, the chance for a short period of planned exercise, just to get the blood pumping in the morning!


Second bell – A gentler wake up for those boys that enjoy a little bit more snooze time.


Breakfast – Set in the beautiful Mess Hall of the Robert Land Academy, campers are offered hot and cold breakfast options along with breakfast juice. An opportunity to relax, chat with new friends and learn about the days planned activities.


Room clean up. Boys will be boys so time is dedicated to cleaning up personal bed spaces as well as shared ‘block jobs’ in order to ensure the accommodation is kept both clean and tidy. Staff will conduct an inspection and award points to the teams that have done well.


First experience period. Campers will work within their teams to develop individual and team skills. Early in the camp program, special emphasis will be placed on sports and activities that promote team building and getting to know each other.


Second experience period. More sports and activities, some of which will be new to the campers. Staff will encourage maximum participation and a sense of adventure to try something new.


Free time. A chance to relax, chat about sports and activities and look forward to the afternoon.


Lunch. During ‘in camp’ days, campers will enjoy a hot meal in the Mess Hall. For those days where campers are taking part in hiking, biking and canoeing trips, a packed lunch will be provided.


Rest. Following food and a morning full of activities, an hour of rest is always welcome. Time for the boys to relax, read a book or even have a quick snooze.


Team sports activity. During the afternoon we like our campers to take part in organised team sports, including soccer, tag rugby, team orienteering, basketball, baseball and much more. Points will be awarded to winning teams and those teams that best demonstrate our values of trust, respect, integrity and loyalty. The staff will ensure all campers are involved in team sports and that fair play and a sense of fun is maintained at all times.


Pack up and clean up. Opportunity to help pack away the equipment used throughout the day and have a nice hot shower, much needed after all the running around!


Dinner. A well-earned hot meal after a full day of activities. Our chefs can meet a variety of different dietary requirements, be sure to include these details as part of your sign up process. Dinner is followed by staff announcements covering team and individual awards as well as the plan for the next day’s activities.


Some of our campers still have energy! So we offer a fun evening game, such as Dodgeball, Capture the flag or Manhunt, all a firm favourite. Friday evenings sees all campers coming together for a campfire, complete with smores and the secret Niagara Adventure Camp treat!


Tuck shop, reading and phone calls home. A great treat at the end of a busy day! Whilst we do want our campers to enjoy the ‘sweet things in life’, our staff will apply common sense where chocolate and treats are concerned.


Reading / lights out. After a pretty long day and the promise of more to come tomorrow; sleep.

Example of a two week residential program

While we will always adjust our program content to accommodate our campers age, needs, experience levels and confidence, a two week program could include the following: 

Week 1

Week 2

Download the PDF version here:

Example Program Week 1 and 2

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Hosted and supported by the Robert Land Academy, the camp offers the highest levels of professional adult care and supervision, 24 hours a day.