Our Staff

Get to know some of the staff that will be working with campers attending the Niagara Adventure Camp. As I am sure you will see, our staff offer a wealth of experience, training and skills; ideally suited to act as perfect role models for the boys under their charge.



Camp Director

As a former elementary school teacher, Alanna has had a lot of experience with children ages 10-15, including children with developmental and physical disabilities. She is passionate about providing an environment in which children can thrive and grow. Alanna enjoys outdoor activities and playing most sports, but her favourite is figure skating as she did this competitively for 8 years. Alanna also loves music and can often be found leading the boys at RLA in song with her guitar around the campfire!


Assistant Director

Adam has been part of the RLA team for over 12 years. A passionate ‘outdoorsman’ when not working he can be found out in the hills hiking, training for marathons, swimming and generally keeping fit and healthy. Adam has a wealth of experience of working with boys aged 10-18, he is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to bring his love of the outdoors to younger generations. 


Assistant Director

Chris comes from 22 years of military experience, 15 years as a volunteer Firefighter, and 30 years as a Leader with Scouts Canada. He is also a graduate of Seneca College for the Outdoor Recreation Technician program. His qualifications, passion and experience ensure that all staff and campers at the Niagara adventure Camp receive the very best support possible.


Head of Activities

During his time at RLA, Greg has developed an excellent rapport with the boys, based on mutual respect and trust. As a current Search and Rescue team leader, UN Rescue Team member and mixed martial arts instructor Greg brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to the team. His outgoing and easy demeanor coupled with his positive attitude ensures the boys under his charge get the very best out of the program.


Outdoor Instructor

Ashley  has been working at Robert Land Academy since October 2019 and has mostly worked with energetic boys between the ages of 10 to 14. She also has experience volunteering with children with mental and physical disabilities with St. Catharines Red Roof Retreat. Ashley enjoys many outdoor sports, but her favourite is soccer as she has played competitively since the age of nine!


Outdoor Instructor

From hiking,  backcountry camping to skiing, Luis lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle. Even in the pouring rain, Luis can be found with a smile on his face! His love of the outdoors and knowledge of all things camping related makes him a great addition to the team, the perfect instructor for our fieldcraft and hiking expeditions!


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