As a parent, one of the key responsibilities is getting everything ready for your child This could be anything from prepping the early morning breakfast ahead of school, helping them sort homework requirements, assisting with packing backpacks and packed lunches…the list goes on! Summer outdoor camps are just around the corner,

Here at Robert Land Academy, we are busy planning and resourcing the Niagara Adventure Camp in order to ensure we are able to deliver an outstanding summer outdoor program. Here are some ideas to help you and your camper prepare:

Summer Camp

For the outdoor camper:

Set up for success: If you have a pair of hiking boots or you plan on getting a new pair ahead of camp, make sure they are properly broken in and comfortable. Also mentally, get yourself ready for summer camp, you will not have access to your cell phone, Facebook, Instagram, Playstation etc all the time. So, try giving yourself a break from them for a few hours.

Homesickness: Being homesick is not a bad thing, it means you miss family and friends which is completely normal, plus when it goes away, it can make you feel super confident in yourself! To help you get over this, make a ‘happy place plan’. Whilst nearly all the time you will be having way too much fun, there may be an odd occasion where you feel a little sad. Have a ‘go to’ solution for this, like tossing a football, reading a favourite book or even shooting some hoops, whatever makes you feel good! Given time, homesickness passes, it is really important that you understand this, so try not to approach your camp thinking “I will give it a couple of days and see how I feel”, rather try and think, ‘I’m here for a couple of weeks to try new things and make new friends and I’m going to love it!” Be positive, you will be surprised at what a difference this makes.

For the parent:

Gifts work both ways: You are giving your child an amazing gift! They might not enjoy every single sport and outdoor activity, BUT looking at the camp as a whole, they will have an amazing and unforgettable experience! You are giving them the opportunity to further develop ‘tools’ that they need; an increased sense of responsibility, independence, working with others, team spirit, self-belief etc, all vital skills they will need in their future lives. Now, how about you? You are a parent, you are going to worry, so have a plan in place to help you cope. How about a short trip or holiday or even just planning a date night with your spouse? Treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it!

Be positive: Your camper is going to be nervous, so you must be the strong one, be positive about everything camp-related. In doing so, you will set the tone for how your camper approaches the summer camp. If you have concerns, speak to one of the team at Niagara Adventure Camp, we are here to help. Let us be the ones to offer you reassurance and help you out with any worries or concerns you may have. Carry this positivity through to when you drop off your camper, in doing so, you will be helping us to ensure they have the best summer ever!

We look forward to meeting you at our summer outdoor camp. After everything we continue to work through regarding Covid, we feel it is more important than ever to maintain goals, aspirations and above all have something to look forward to!

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